Mahjuba is San Diego’s own reverent Personal Stylist and Image Consultant Professional. Mahjuba launched her styling business in 2002 and has been featured in numerous publications as the fashion go to professional.  Years of experience in personal styling has led Mahjuba to becoming the top fashion expert . She was handpicked by Stacy London, of TLC's famed show "What Not to Wear" to be part of her proffessional style team. Her impeccable taste and chic sense of style has established her as the most skilled and talented Personal Stylist. Mahjuba specializes in working with male and female clientelle. With Mahjuba's help you will be on your way to looking your best everyday. Life is hard. Getting dressed shouldn't be!

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Give the gift of style! Gift certificates available for Closet Therapy, Color Analysis, and Personal Shopping HERE

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